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10:07am 01/11/2007
mood: sick
well i haven't posted in a long ass time. Life's ok i guess. I've just been going to school & hanging out with Spence. lol...well later days 
Water Color   
11:35pm 07/04/2007
mood: cold

Water color something more
More than just an open door
A place to go, a life to share
A place where we don't have a care
Grass too green, songs too sweet
A boy, a girl, a house, a street
A kiss to feel, a hand to hold
Warmth to keep me from the cold
Paint me days that beg for more
Days that push me to your door....
imagine the pretty girl; the centerfold   
11:24pm 03/04/2007
mood: creative


imagine how she played the game.

let her be the coveted thoughts of another time.

allow the physicality of her affections

caress your body; you'll only swoon

~its nothing really shes only a toy~


her eyes long for something new; she's seen you all.

the dull and repetitive lifestyle she lead has gone cold.


the pretty girl that survived on a lie

has yet to realize

she has already died

I'm not sad, i just loved how this came out

Only The Good...   
08:22pm 29/03/2007
mood: blah

One day here

The next day GONE

So sweet so innocent

So sad

Only seventeen and his life was taken

A friend out of this world,

I cry for weeks thinking of all the unspoken things

I had never done

Or said

I wonder why him why now

And thought

Only the good die young

it'll be 4 years pretty soon, i can't believe it....

03:55pm 26/03/2007
mood: busy

and every time I tear up he makes sure I cheer up, 
here don't cry baby put your chin up and give me a hug let's go have some fun.
Makes me smile when he sleeps so cuddly in the bed 
I love the soft kisses on the forehead,
see each other and grab hands and hold each other, 
call when he got home to make sure I was warm, 
eyes so bright looks like a milion lighting flys 
the sparkle like a diamond my dream guy, 
my world 
my revolving sun,
my everything 
my only one 

08:09pm 18/03/2007
mood: happy
Hm...what to write...what to write...? lol. life's been alrighty. Schools pretty good, i guess we have a break coming up pretty soon. I can't wait, i mean i love school, but i  also love breaks. : - ) I love how laid back school is too...man it's great.

I spent the weekend at Spence's house. I love hanging out over there. I love hanging out with him where ever we are. He makes me smile...alot. : ) And as you can tell from all the poems, he means a whole bunch. I'm pretty lucky to have him. i know...i sound so dorky, but i can't help it...he's just so different from anyone else i know. haha...before i get carried away.... :  D

other than that everything's pretty good. welps later days.
10:09pm 15/03/2007
mood: crazy
You give me strength when I am down
You make me smile everytime i frown
When a great storms come you were my home
And everytime I'm cold you did'nt left me all alone

You were my shield in my every fight
An armor who protect me with all it's might
You push away who tries to hurt me
An angel in disguise that see the real me

You were my sun in my darkest hour
Who gave me a sweet kiss everytime I feel sour
Even in my dreams you were always there
saving me fom a very scary nightmare

You were my lovesong in my noisest days
A very sweet melody that push away my fears
You were a deam that I wish would last
Because forever happiness you brought in my life

But all of this is just fantasy
A fantasy that in movies you could only see
A super hero that we all know is'nt real
Forever will be a fantasy but we still sich will soon be real.
09:39pm 04/03/2007
mood: indescribable

everything feels so different. whats the point anymore. i feel so lonely now-a-days. everythigs perfect...its how i want it to be. i'm in school, i have a great, perfect boyfriend, who i couldn't possibly love more. I got my fam., i got my friends, i'm happy.....why doesn't it feel like it...? Why do i feel so lonely, so empty inside. i need help. but with what? i don't even know whats wrong...

i'm going to bed...wait for my baby to call


If you would like an explanation,
to the words i can't describe,
You're what brings out the light in me,
that's been hiding deep inside.

Lets see, your gorgeous, you shine
with perfection from the outside and in.
You make me smile against my will,
because of everything you give.

Outstanding is how I feel everyday,
standing by your side.
In the end i know we've made it work,
because i know we both have tried.

Visions of what's in store make me love you even more.
You make my day when I just come home,
to see you standing at my door.

Everything you do is special,
You're perfect I'm sure you've heard.
I can't be the only one who thinks so,
And you can believe my every word.

You're amazing, you're gorgeous,
Only you know what to do
Understanding how to make me happy.

and thats why I Love You

10:43pm 27/02/2007
mood: tired

Well i guess today was a sucky an okay day. I just finished my English essay. I'm sooo freakin' tired...

Lately i've been gettin' really sad for no reason, and feeling really drained and out of it....I don't know whats up with that but i hope it gets better.

But seeing him always makes it better.

I gotta get to sleep though. Nighty-Night.

My diamond in the rough   
10:03pm 25/02/2007
mood: restless

A whisper of vapors drift through the sky, as I sing to you these words in this lullaby, and the stare is so deep coming from your eyes, I swear to God I'll be with you, until the day i die.
And with all these ashes to ashes and dust to dust, Means nothing when I'm with you, My diamond in the rough.
And all the love that you bring, I'll try to set on my wings, to take off with these songs that the morning-birds sing.
And now a scream of shadows pierce through the night, and I'll chase away the nightmares out of your site, I'll protect you forever while you're in my life, I'll do everything i can to make sure things are right.
So all these ashes to ashes and dust to dust mean nothing when I'm with you, My diamond in the rough.
09:45pm 18/02/2007
mood: chipper

So everythings been going ok i guess. i met this really great kid named Spence.Over the past month we've gotten so close...he means the world to me. I'm so lucky to have met him, i really love him.

The moment I opened my heart and let you in
I saw this great love starting to begin.

I opened my eyes to a vision of you
I hope, I pray your feelings are true.

I have loved and I have paid the cost
And I have felt the pain of the love I lost.

But, now, I think I have truly found
An Angel who walks upon the ground.

I could search my whole life through
And never find another 'you'.

You are so special that I wanted you to know
I truly, completely love you so.
11:04pm 06/08/2006
  what to write, what to write....

I've just been thinking about life really. And how when you seem to be having the time of your life the days pass by like seconds. But when life sucks, and your in a rut, life drags on to slowly.

And life's all too confusing too. You never know when the decisions your making are the right ones for everyone...so you try to make the decisions that would make it easier on you....but that never works either. People just want and want, take and take....and you get worn so thin.....so thin you feel you don't even have the strength to move sometimes.

Which brings me to my next point. I LOVE TO DRINK....and you know what, i don't see anything wrong with drinking to forget life's problems. I mean i'm nbot saying drink and all your problems go away, i'm sayong drink to delay having to deal with said problems. I mean, it's worked this long, right? Well....certian people don't think so, accussing me of running away from my problems and whatnot, saying i have a "problem." You know what? I'm not the one with the problem...YOU are...prying into other peoples lives and whatnot, trying to run them. I think you need to mind your own damn business...!

Anywho, this concludes my writting. Ahhh...that felt good. : )

P.S. ~ Boys Sucks : P
11:59pm 13/06/2005
mood: crushed
God.............i just wanna be pretty. I want the guy i love, to think i'm pretty, like every other girl on his wall.......